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FY 2024-25 Projects

Stormwater Investment Plans

The Regional Program Governance Committees have been working diligently, meeting regularly to review submissions and discuss regional priorities. Each Watershed Area Steering Committee (WASC) must annually provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for funding Regional Projects and Programs within the Infrastructure Program, Technical Resources Program, and Scientific Studies Program. Public Works, on behalf of the WASCs, prepares the transmittals for the recommended Stormwater Investment Plans (SIPs). These SIPs are 5-year plans that include first-year budgets and 4-year projections for each of the nine Safe, Clean Water (SCW) Program Watershed Areas.

The WASCs have recommended the following Fiscal Year 2024-25 Stormwater Investment Plans:

Fiscal Year 2024-25

Once each respective WASC recommends a SIP, the transmittals are advanced to the Regional Oversight Committee (ROC). This committee reviews each SIP to determine how well the SIPs meet the SCW Program Goals. The ROC then provides their findings and recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on whether each SIP should be approved.

Safe, Clean Water Program Portal

To track progress, quantify benefits, account for expenditures and ensure transparency, the Safe, Clean Water Program Portal, which consists of the Map, Dashboard, and Reporting Module, has been developed. Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Overview of funded activity projects/studies and project applications currently under consideration
  • Summary of multiple project benefits
  • Map with search box
  • Project filters and layers (jurisdictions, programs, funding year, status, cost, etc.)

The Map, Dashboard, Reporting Module, and SIP Tool are available HERE.

Note: Internet Explorer browser is not supported. Please visit the SCW Portal through a supported browser for the best user experience (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari).

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