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Reporting & Accountability


The Safe, Clean Water Program requires reporting from recipients of funding to foster accountability and ensure that funded activity fulfills the objectives and goals of the Program. All reporting should be submitted via the Safe, Clean Water Reporting Module. 

Submitted Reports can be found in the Reporting Repository.

Infrastructure Project Developers and Scientific Study Developers are required to prepare quarterly and annual progress/expenditure reports. Reports are submitted to their respective Watershed Area Steering Committee (WASC) to be evaluated on whether the schedules, budget, scopes, and expected benefits have significantly changed or remain consistent with the Safe, Clean Water Program goals.

Municipalities are required to submit an Annual Plan for the upcoming year’s expenditures. The intent of this plan is to provide a description of projects, programs, O&M and other activities that are funded through the SCW program revenue collected for the Municipal Program.

Within six (6) months of the end of the fiscal year, Municipalities are then required to submit annual reports to the District. Annual Reports detail each municipalities’ expenditures and activities for the prior year, including, but not limited to:

Amount of funds received and breakdown of how the Program payment has been expended
Description of activities that have occurred
Description of Program benefits that have been achieved
Description of gaps between what was planned and what was achieved

See here for a full description of the Reporting requirements.

As the District Program expands, the District will submit an annual plan and report that details a Program-level summary of expenditures.

With the scale of the opportunity and the funding involved, it’s important to hold Program activities accountable. Independent audits are required to ensure that a funded activity is complying with requirements of the Program.

All recipients of Safe, Clean Water Program funding are responsible for obtaining an independent audit in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Transfer Agreement.

For more information, please refer to the Audits and Financial FAQ document.

Each Watershed Area Steering Committee (WASC) is required to submit a Stormwater Investment Plan (SIP) annually. A SIP is a five year plan that recommends funding allocations for infrastructure projects, technical resources, and scientific studies. The purpose of the plan is to capture recommended programming for the upcoming fiscal year as well as anticipated recommendations for the next four subsequent years.

The Watershed Area Regional Program Progress (WARPP) Report is an annual report summarizing the progress and achievement of Safe, Clean Water Program goals of each watershed area’s funded projects, scientific studies, and project concepts from the previous board approved Stormwater Investment Plan.