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Regional Program

The Regional Program receives 50% of all Safe, Clean Water funding, with the majority of that being spent on infrastructure projects and scientific studies across LA County.

Safe, Clean Water Program funding is allocated across three areas: the District Program, Regional Program, and Municipal Program.

When we say infrastructure, we’re not just talking about big concrete structures. Projects can range in scale from simple green streets all the way to massively complex water treatment facilities. 

Regional infrastructure projects are much likelier to get funding if they have multiple benefits for our communities. Imagine, for example, a baseball diamond with water-collecting cisterns hidden beneath the field. Green spaces, like Magic Johnson Park in South LA, can clean and capture stormwater while providing other benefits to local communities. 

Creating modern infrastructure projects that provide multiple benefits is what makes the Safe, Clean, Water Program so special. At the same time, the Regional Program funds scientific research to help us understand where the needs are and how we can best address them.

Check out the Regional Program Funding Process Handbook for more details.