Stormwater Investment Plans

The Regional Program Governance Committees have been working diligently and meeting regularly to score or review submissions, discuss regional priorities, and have begun drafting recommended Stormwater Investment Plans (SIPs); 5-year plans identifying first year budgets along with 4-years of projections for each of the nine Safe, Clean Water (SCW) Program Watershed Areas. The Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASC) recommend the following Stormwater Investment Plans:

Upon approval of the SIP by each respective WASC, the SIP transmittals are then considered by the Regional Oversight Committee at the following meetings:

May 20, 2020

Approval of SIPs for North Santa Monica Bay, Santa Clara River and Lower San Gabriel River

June 18, 2020
  • Consideration of SIPs for Rio Hondo, South Santa Monica Bay, Upper Los Angeles River, Upper San Gabriel River, Central Santa Monica Bay, and Lower Los Angeles River
June 24, 2020
  • Continue review of SIPs from prior meeting as needed

Call for Projects Applications Submitted for FY 2020-2021

The Safe, Clean Water Program has concluded the first Call for Projects for the Fiscal Year 2020-21. Applications have been submitted for the Infrastructure Program, Technical Resources Program, and Scientific Studies Program.

Regional Program Overview of Project Submittals

Click on the titles in the sections below to access the corresponding applications.

Infrastructure Program Applications

Central Santa Monica Bay    

1 Ballona Creek TMDL Project

2 Beverly Hills Burton Way Green Street and Water Efficient Landscape Project

3 Culver City Mesmer Low Flow Diversion

4 Imperial Highway Sunken Median

5 Ladera Park Stormwater Improvements Project

6 MacArthur Lake Rehabilitation Project

7 Monteith Park and View Park Green Alley Stormwater Improvements Project

8 Sustainable Water Infrastructure Project

9 Venice High School

10 Washington Boulevard Stormwater and Urban Runoff Diversion

Lower Los Angeles River

11 Compton Blvd Et. Al. Project

12 Furman Park Stormwater Capture and Infiltration Project

13 John Anson Ford Park Infiltration Cistern

14 Long Beach Municipal Urban Stormwater Treatment (LB MUST) – Phase 1

15 Rancho Los Cerritos: Looking Back to Advance Forward

16 Salt Lake Park Infiltration Cistern

17 Spane Park

Lower San Gabriel River

18 Stormwater Treatment and Reuse System (STAR System) Hacienda Park

19 Bellflower Simms Park Stormwater Capture Project

20 Bolivar Park

21 Caruthers Park

22 Cerritos Sports Complex

23 Hermosillo Park

24 Mayfair Park

25 Skylinks Golf Course at Wardlow Stormwater Capture Project

26 El Dorado Regional Project

27 Adventure Park Multi Benefit Stormwater Capture Project

North Santa Monica Bay       

28 Viewridge Road Stormwater Improvements Project

Rio Hondo      

29 Arcadia Wash Water Conservation Diversion

30 Baldwin Lake and Tule Pond Restoration Project

31 East Los Angeles Sustainable Median Stormwater Capture Project

32 Ranchito Sierra Vista Infiltration Project

Santa Clara River      

33 Hasley Canyon Park Stormwater Improvements Project

34 Newhall Park Infiltration

South Santa Monica Bay       

35 Alondra Park Multi Benefit Stormwater Capture Project

36 Harbor City Greenway O&M

37 Torrance Airport Storm Water Basin Project, Phase 2

38 Wilmington Q Street Local Urban Area Flow Management Project

Upper Los Angeles River      

39 Active Transportation Rail to River Corridor Project – Segment A

40 City of San Fernando Regional Park Infiltration Project

41 Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation

42 Fernangeles Park Stormwater Capture Project

43 Franklin D. Roosevelt Park Regional Stormwater Capture Project

44 Lankershim Boulevard Local Area Urban Flow Management Network Project

45 Oro Vista Local Area Urban Flow Management Project

46 Rory M. Shaw Wetlands Park Project

47 Strathern Park North Stormwater Capture Project

48 The Distributed Drywell System Project

49 Valley Village Park Stormwater Capture Project

50 Walnut Park Pocket Park Project

Upper San Gabriel River       

51 Barnes Park

52 Bassett High School Stormwater Capture Multi-Benefit Project

53 Encanto Park Stormwater Capture Project

54 Finkbiner Park Multi-Benefit Stormwater Capture Project

55 Garvey Avenue Grade Separation Drainage Improvement Project

56 MacLaren Hall Property Park and Sports Fields Project – concept (referred to Technical Resources Program)

57 Pedley Spreading Grounds

58 Wingate Park Regional EWMP Project

Technical Resources Program

Edward Vincent Junior Park Stormwater Improvements Project
1931-2099 E. 27th Street, Vernon, CA. 90058
Hollydale Regional Park Green Infrastructure Development 
Parque Dos Rios Bioswale
Willow Springs Park: Wetland Restoration Expansion
Monrovia Unified School District Campus Green Infrastructure Development Project 
Eastview Park
Harbor City Park Multi-Benefit Stormwater Capture Project 
Manhattan Beach Infiltration Trench Project
Arroyo Seco Projects Part 1 of 4: Constructed Wetlands by the Arroyo Seco
Arroyo Seco Projects Part 2 of 4: Stormwater Capture Basin and Park Improvements
Arroyo Seco Projects Part 3 of 4: Constructed Wetlands at the Arroyo Seco Golf Course
Arroyo Seco Projects Part 4 of 4: Constructed Wetlands at the Arroyo Seco Golf Course Driving Range
Green Street Demonstration Project on Main Street
Hay Canyon Channel / FIS Sports Facilities Stormwater Capture Feasibility Study
Pasadena Unified School District Campus Green Infrastructure Development Project
Vincent Lugo Park Stomwater Capture Feasibility Study
Winery Canyon Channel / Descanso Gardens Stormwater Capture Feasibility Study
Brackett Field Stormwater Infiltration Project
Fairplex Regional Stormwater Project
Glendora Avenue Green Street Feasibility Study

Scientific Studies

Coordinated Safe Clean Watershed Plans
LRS Adaptation to Address the LA River Bacteria TMDL for the ULAR Watershed Management Group
preSIP: A Platform for Watershed Science and Project Collaboration
Recalculation of Wet Weather Zinc Criterion
Regional Scientific Study to Support Protection of Human Health through Targeted Reduction of Bacteriological Pollution 
San Gabriel Valley Regional Confirmation of Infiltration Rates
South Santa Monica Bay Watershed Innovation Platform (WIP) – A framework for advancing watershed science, finding impactful projects, and incentivizing inter-permit collaboration