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What We Do

The Safe, Clean Water Program funds stormwater initiatives that improve water quality, increase our local water supply, and provide community benefits, like green spaces and parks.

The Program also cultivates regional and community partnerships and prioritizes historically underserved communities.

There are actually three core programs within the Safe, Clean Water umbrella. The Municipal Program sends money to cities, the Regional Program funds regional infrastructure (among other things), and the District Program covers administration, education, and other countywide services. It adds up to dozens of initiatives, hundreds of projects, and a more sustainable future for everyone.

Funding infrastructure development and improvement is a big part of the Safe, Clean Water Program, but we’re not just talking about massive concrete structures like you might be picturing. Green spaces, like Magic Johnson Park in South LA, can clean and capture stormwater while providing other benefits to local communities. Creating modern infrastructure projects that provide multiple benefits is what makes the Safe, Clean Water Program so special. At the same time, the Program funds scientific research to help us understand where the needs are and how we can best address them.

We’re eager to work with all kinds of organizations and individuals who have good ideas about water infrastructure, including those who do not have the technical expertise to pull them off. That’s why the Safe, Clean Water Program provides support to community groups, municipalities, and individuals who have a project idea, but need assistance developing their concepts and applications.

Cities are no strangers to infrastructure. The Safe, Clean Water Program is designed to maximize the ability of local governments to address their stormwater and runoff needs. The Program provides 40% of all funds to municipalities so they can develop their own local stormwater projects, maintain infrastructure, and improve water quality in nearby lakes, rivers, and beaches.

We are excited to begin work on the new Safe, Clean Water Public Education and Community Engagement Grants Program! Like our related initiatives, this program will support education and community engagement efforts related to stormwater and urban runoff capture within the LA County Flood Control District. Interested in getting involved? From supporting the design of the program to applying for funding, there are lots of ways to be a part of this exciting work. Join us!

The Safe, Clean Water Program is funded by a tax on private properties that contribute to stormwater pollution. The Program helps property owners understand how they are taxed, how they can become eligible for exemptions, reductions, or credit, and how they can appeal.

With the scale of the opportunity and the funding involved, it’s important to hold Program activities accountable. The Safe, Clean Water Program requires reporting and independent audits to ensure that everyone who receives funding fulfills the objectives and goals of the Program.

The Safe, Clean Water Program is a long-term commitment, so it’s important that it can evolve over time. Adaptive management is the Program’s intentional approach to making decisions and adjustments in response to new learnings. The Program uses a variety of ways to evaluate its progress and optimize its work.