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Municipal Program

The Municipal Program receives 40% of all Safe, Clean Water funding, to be used on infrastructure, maintenance, and more.

Safe, Clean Water Program funding is divided across three divisions: the District Program, Regional Program, and Municipal Program.

The Municipal Program is designed to maximize the ability of local governments to address local stormwater and urban runoff challenges and opportunities. Funding is divided proportionately, based on how much each municipality contributed to the Safe, Clean Water Program.

For example, total estimated revenue for the Municipal Program in 2023-2024 is estimated to be $111.57 million. Roughly $1.9 million would go to the city of Pomona and $390,000 would go to Malibu, each reflecting how much those cities collected for the Program.

It’s up to individual cities to fill out the necessary paperwork and comply with annual audits.

Check out the Handbook for Municipalities for more details. 

Annual Plans

Each municipality is required to submit an Annual Plan for the upcoming year’s expenditures. The intent of this plan is to provide a description of projects, programs, and other activities that are funded through the Safe, Clean Water revenue collected for the Municipal Program. 

Annual Plans are due April 1st of each year for the upcoming Fiscal Year via the Online Reporting Module. For example, the Annual Plan for FY 21-22 will be due April 1st, 2021, and so forth.

Submitted Annual Plans can be found in the Reporting Repository.

Municipal Transfer Agreements

Each Municipality may receive the portion of their Municipal Program revenue within 45 days after execution of the Transfer Agreement by the District or within 14 days of the District’s receipt of the Annual Plan for 2023-24 Fiscal Year in compliance with Exhibit A, whichever comes later.

Each subsequent year, a single disbursement is expected to be made once the Auditor-Controller has finalized revenues, which is anticipated by the end of August. Disbursements are dependent upon the conditions included in the Transfer Agreement.

For reference, see the Municipal Program Transfer Agreement Template. The District will send individualized Transfer Agreements to each Municipality once ready to execute.

Requirements are detailed in the Transfer Agreement and include:

  • Each Municipality’s annual expenditure plan for the ensuing Fiscal Year will be due 45 days from execution and then 90 days prior to the end of the County’s Fiscal Year (April 1st) for each subsequent year.
  • Audit reports, which are due 9 months after the end of the 3rd Fiscal Year. For example: 3/31/24, covering July 2020 through June 2023.
  • Progress reports are due annually, six months after close of Fiscal Year via the Online Reporting Module.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are due December 31st of each year for the prior Fiscal Year via the Online Reporting Module. For example, the Annual Report for FY 21-22 was due December 31st, 2022, and so forth.

Municipalities are required to submit Annual Reports to the District within six months of the end of the Fiscal Year. Annual Reports shall detail each municipality’s expenditures and activities for the prior year, and shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Amount of funds received and breakdown of how the Program payment has been expended
  • Description of activities that have occurred
  • Description of Program benefits that have been achieved
  • Description of gaps between what was planned and what was achieved

Failure to submit Annual Reports may delay disbursements of future Municipal Program Funds. Refer to the above Transfer Agreement, Clause B-30: Withholding of Disbursements and Material Violations. 

Submitted Annual Reports can be found in the Reporting Repository.