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Make it clean, make it green, make it for everyone

The Safe, Clean Water Program funds stormwater initiatives that improve water quality , increase our local water supply , and provide community benefits , like green spaces and parks .

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Our Impact

The Safe, Clean Water Program is making an impact across LA County.

  • 126+
    Regional projects and counting across LA County
  • 30-Acre "Urban Orchard" Moves Forward in South Gate
  • In addition to providing family recreation areas and tree canopy in Inglewood, Edward Vincent, Jr. Park will capture 25 million gallons of stormwater annually.
  • $513.5
    Million allocated to regional initiatives

What We Do

We don’t just fund stormwater infrastructure, research, and education. We also collaborate with cities, community organizations, and individuals to get the most out of the resources we have available.

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You know your zip code, but do you know your watershed? Our county is divided up into areas based on the natural flow of water. Find yours, and meet the people bringing Safe, Clean Water to your community.

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  • In 2018, the electorate within the LA County Flood Control District voted to create the Safe, Clean Water Program, which is designed to clean and conserve billions of gallons of stormwater that would otherwise be lost to the ocean when it rains. 

    The Safe, Clean Water Program also improves the livability and resilience of LA County’s communities through development of green space, recreational opportunities, and other enhancements.

    The SCWP strongly promotes regional collaboration, prioritizes investment in underserved communities, and favors projects that take advantage of natural processes to filter, clean, and store water.

    Visit our About Us page to learn more about the Safe, Clean Water Program.

  • The Safe, Clean Water Program funds stormwater initiatives that improve water quality, increase our local water supply, and provide community benefits, like green spaces and parks. 

    There are actually three core programs within the Safe, Clean Water umbrella:

    • The Municipal Program sends money to cities, which can use it to build projects or find other ways to clean and capture stormwater.
    • The Regional Program funds regional infrastructure and research (among other things).
    • The District Program covers administration, education, and other countywide services. 

    When it comes to projects, the Safe, Clean Water Program isn’t simply a funder. We provide support to community groups, municipalities, and individuals who have a project idea but need assistance developing their concepts and applications.

    You can read more about what we do, including public education, tax assistance, job training, and more, on our What We Do page

  • The Safe, Clean Water Program addresses a range of issues, from water pollution to the inequitable distribution of green spaces.

    Like other regions affected by climate change, LA County experiences unpredictable and destructive weather patterns, such as droughts and historic storms. As such, we have an array of water resilience challenges, including polluted waterways, limited and aging infrastructure, and a dependence on imported water. 

    Much of LA County is also covered in impermeable surfaces, such as rooftops and roads, where water cannot soak into the ground. These surfaces are disproportionately located in neighborhoods that have not historically received their fair share of investment and lack greenery. When water hits these surfaces, it runs off, often collecting trash and pollutants that flow, untreated, into the region’s rivers, lakes, streams, and the Pacific Ocean. 

    The Federal Clean Water Act requires the County and the 86 municipalities within the Flood Control District to address some of these issues. However, prior to the Safe, Clean Water Program, it would have been difficult to comply.

    By capturing and cleaning stormwater, and doing so in a way that adds greenery and other benefits to underserved communities, the Safe, Clean Water Program addresses many of our region's most pressing challenges.

  • Safe, Clean Water Program funding is allocated across three areas: the Regional Program, the Municipal Program, and the District Program. 

    The Regional Program receives 50% of all Safe, Clean Water funding, with the majority of that being spent on infrastructure projects and scientific studies across LA County.

    The Municipal Program receives 40% of all Safe, Clean Water funding, to be used on infrastructure, maintenance, and more.

    Ten percent of the Program’s resources are reserved for the District Program, which covers administration, technical assistance, and countywide initiatives that benefit everyone.