Nine Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASCs), each comprised of representatives from cities, agencies, and community stakeholders, will review proposed projects and develop an annual Stormwater Investment Plan (SIP) for their Watershed Area that identifies recommendations for funding under the 3 regional subprograms – the Infrastructure, Technical Resources, and Scientific Studies Programs. Recommended Projects included in SIPs will also be reviewed by a Scoring Committee and ultimately a Regional Oversight Committee for recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

The review and recommendation process by the governing committees is described in Los Angeles County Flood Control District Code Section 18.07 and the Operating Guidelines linked below.

Watershed Area boundaries, committee rosters, and revenue projections for each Watershed Area are available on each committee page. Hover over the “Committees” item in the top navigation bar to see a list of committee pages.

Committee Meetings Calendar (October – December 2022)

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