The Safe Clean Water Program continues LA County’s tradition of flood safety, while protecting water quality within our communities and providing new sources of water for current and future generations.


By modernizing our 100-year-old water system, we can better protect public health and our environment, and maximize a cleaner, locally controlled water supply.


The passage of Measure W in 2018 created a comprehensive, regional plan to address how we capture water and how we can reduce our reliance on imported water. As we begin the implementation of Measure W, the Safe Clean Water Program will empower communities to:

Increase our yearly collection of rainwater to supply water for millions of people in L.A. County annually.

Reduce the volume of trash before it reaches our beaches and coastal waters.

Help eliminate the toxins, fertilizers, bacteria, plastics, metals from our cars, and chemicals that flow into the ocean.

Protect creeks and streams, build parks, liven up concrete landscapes, and create green space for our communities.


Developed in collaboration with public health, environmental groups, cities, business, labor, and community-based organizations, the goals of the Safe Clean Water Program are to:

  • Implement a new plan for L.A.’s water system to capture the billions of gallons of water we lose each year.
  • Help protect our coastal waters and beaches from the trash and contaminants in stormwater that make people sick and threaten marine life.
  • Modernize our 100 year-old water system infrastructure, using a combination of nature, science, and new technology.
  • Help protect public health, ensuring safer, greener, healthier, and more livable spaces for all.
  • Prepare our region for the effects of a changing climate — including recurring cycles of drought, wildfire, and flooding.
  • Require strict community oversight and independent auditing to ensure local monies raised would stay local.