Fifty percent of the Safe Clean Water Program will be implemented at the watershed level. Nine Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASC) comprised of representatives from cities, agencies and community stakeholders will develop an annual Stormwater Investment Plan to program Regional Funds into the Infrastructure, Technical Resources, and Scientific Studies Programs.

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Infrastructure Program

Funding for multi-benefit regional projects including: Design, permits, CEQA compliance, grant-writing, right-of-way and land acquisition, construction, as well as the long-term operation and maintenance of projects.

Technical Resources Program

Funding for: Watershed Coordinators and feasibility studies to be developed by the District.

Scientific Studies Program

Funding for: scientific studies, technical studies, monitoring, modeling, and other similar activities.


Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASCs) – Each of the 9 WASCs consists of 17 members including 7 self-selected municipal seats; 5 Board-appointed agency stakeholder seats representing the large water, sanitation, and parks agencies within that Watershed Area; and, 5 Board appointed community stakeholder seats, with dedicated seats for – business, environmental, and environmental justice. The WASCs consider each project in relation to the area’s needed and goals, solicit project scores from the Scoring Committee, and develop Stormwater Investment Plans representing their funding recommendations. The Watershed Areas are: Central Santa Monica Bay, Lower Los Angeles River, Lower San Gabriel River, North Santa Monica Bay, Rio Hondo, Santa Clara River, South Santa Monica Bay, Upper Los Angeles River, and Upper San Gabriel River.

Regional Oversight Committee (ROC) – The Board of Supervisors appoints 9 subject matter experts in water quality, water supply, and nature-based solutions / community investments to a Regional Oversight Committee (ROC). The ROC will annually review Stormwater Investment Plans (SIPs) to ensure Program goals are being prudently met, to maintain proper balance of multi-benefit projects, and to steer future process. The ROC will provide feedback to WASCs and Board about broad issues that should be addressed, projects to consider for next time, and/or specific items to address in reporting. In addition, the ROC will annually review progress and expenditure reports. Biennially, the ROC will summarize reports and hold a public hearing to obtain public feedback on Program.

Scoring Committee (SC) – The SC consists of 6 Board-appointed subject matter experts in water quality, water supply, and nature-based solutions / community investments. As requested by WASCs, the SC will coordinate with District staff to review and finalize scores for projects being considered by each of 9 WASCs.