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The new and improved Safe, Clean Water Program website!

We are excited to announce the launch of a new website for LA County’s Safe, Clean Water Program. This website represents a significant step forward in our commitment to transparency, accessibility, and collaboration. 

Visitors to the site will find information about Program investments, initiatives, and progress, as well as resources for getting involved and making a difference in our community.

Dive into the Features

Resource Library and Search

The new Safe, Clean Water Program resource library and search functionality make it easy to find forms, one-sheets, portals, and other key information. Find exactly what you’re looking for through the search bar or explore the resource library by category, subject, or even watershed. Key resources for all initiatives are accessible at the bottom of each page. 


The new site features a dynamic calendar that consolidates all Safe, Clean Water Program events, including committee meetings and community events, into one convenient location. Filter the calendar by committee or search for events to find exactly what you need. This tool will not only keep you informed about upcoming events but also serve as a comprehensive archive of past meetings and associated materials, ensuring that stakeholders have access to all the information they need to actively participate in the Program.

Find Your Watershed Tool

Learning about your watershed and connecting to the people bringing safe, clean water to your community is now just a click away. The Find Your Watershed Tool makes it easy to determine which watershed you live in, explore the projects making a difference in your area, and connect with your watershed coordinator on how you can be a part of the Program’s mission. 

Dedicated Watershed Pages

As part of our commitment to collaboration, we have added dedicated pages for each watershed to make it easier to find what you need, when you need it. Now WASC meetings and documents, community events,and key resources from the resource library are all in one place. We have also added a public facing element that allows communities to learn more about their watershed and easily connect with their watershed coordinator. Navigate to the footer of the site to find all watershed pages.

New and Improved Infrastructure Projects Page

The Safe, Clean Water Program works directly with communities, municipalities, agencies, and individuals to create projects that capture and clean stormwater, while also providing quality of life improvements. The new and improved infrastructure projects page makes it easier than ever to navigate this key part of the Program. Learn about the types of projects the Program funds, explore projects that are improving our local communities, and find step-by-step guidelines on how to make your project idea a reality.

New Project Portal Location

You can always navigate to the Project Portal through its URL, but if you’re looking to quickly jump from the main Program site to the Portal, navigate to the footer to find an easy link. 

News and Updates 

The Safe, Clean Water Program understands the importance of keeping residents, stakeholders, and partners informed and engaged. The news and updates section of the site ensures announcements, updates, and news are easily accessible and up to date.

Adaptive Management

The new adaptive management page highlights the Program’s intentional approach to making decisions and adjustments in response to new learnings. It houses information and updates on the variety of ways the Program evaluates its progress and optimizes its work, from interim guidelines, to the metrics and monitoring study.

Your Bookmarks Are Saved

Have no fear, any bookmarks you saved from the old site still exist! Saved bookmarks will now direct you to the correct location on the new site. 

We believe that this new website will be a valuable resource for residents, stakeholders, and partners interested in learning more about our efforts to safeguard our local water while improving the daily lives of LA County residents. We encourage you to explore the site and discover how you can help support our mission.

Thank you for your continued support of the Safe, Clean Water Program. Together, we can make a real difference in ensuring that all residents of LA County have access to safe, clean, and reliable water resources.


The Safe, Clean Water Program