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Public Review of SCW Program 2022 Interim Guidance EXTENDED

Program Guidance is part of the Program’s adaptive management and will guide the subsequent call for projects, scoring, and SIP development. The Los Angeles County Flood Control District drafted interim program guidance for Disadvantaged Community Benefits, and Nature Based Solutions in May 2021 and has now drafted guidance for Water Supply and Community Outreach and Engagement. Modifications to the Feasibility Study Guidelines, Scoring Criteria, or Chapter 16 and 18 of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District Code are not included in the 2022 Interim Guidance and may be addressed at a future date.

The 30-day public review period for all four guidance documents has been extended for 10 additional days ending March 27, 2022.

Draft 2022 Interim Guidance

Please send your comments to SafeCleanWaterLA@pw.lacounty.gov and reference the corresponding guidance document, section, and/or page, if applicable.