Under the Safe Clean Water’s Municipal Program, 40% of the funding is allocated to cities as local return with maximum flexibility.

Cities will receive direct funding via the Municipal Program proportional to the revenues generated within its boundaries. The Municipal Program is designed to maximize the ability of local governments to address local Stormwater and Urban Runoff challenges and opportunities. Projects and Programs are required to include a water quality benefit; multi-benefit projects and nature-based solutions are strongly encouraged. The Funding can be used for eligible activities such as project development, design, construction, effectiveness monitoring, operations and maintenance (including operation and maintenance of projects built to comply with 2012 MS4 permits), as well as for other programs and studies related to protecting and improving water quality in lakes, rivers and ocean. Up to 30% of Municipal Funds may be used for Maintenance of Effort–Safe, Clean Water Program eligible activities commenced before the election day.

Municipal Program Fund Estimate 2019-2020

Requirements: Cities will provide annual budgets, annual progress and expenditure reports and will participate in periodic independent audits.