The Safe, Clean Water Program (SCWP) Metrics and Monitoring Study (MMS) is designed to develop program methods, metrics and monitoring criteria to inform tracking, planning, reporting and decision making within specific areas of the SCWP. The SCWP is a complex and nuanced program and at many different levels of the program there is a need to establish additional strategies, tools, and methodologies to support decision-making in pursuit of program goals, to measure the success of efforts undertaken, and to inform the adaptive management process. The MMS is being conducted by an interdisciplinary consultant team with expertise in both the technical and socio-political elements of metrics-setting, in coordination with the Flood Control District, and informed by extensive stakeholder involvement. Recommendations from the MMS will help inform adaptive management of the SCWP, potentially including updates to guidance documents, scoring criteria, monitoring, and project development. The MMS is currently scheduled to conclude in late 2023.

Public Stakeholder Workshop

In November 2022, the Safe, Clean Water Program (SCWP), Metrics and Monitoring Study (MMS) Team hosted a public workshop.  This workshop discussed the purpose, goals and current progress of the MMS.  Most importantly, though, we are looking for your input and thoughts.

The workshop was hosted twice to provide the opportunity to attend at a time that best suits your schedule. 


Presentation Slides

Recording (Passcode: C9eDAjJ^)