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FY 2020-21 Projects

Stormwater Investment Plans

The Regional Program Governance Committees have been working diligently and meeting regularly to score or review submissions, discuss regional priorities, and have begun drafting recommended Stormwater Investment Plans (SIPs); 5-year plans identifying first year budgets along with 4-years of projections for each of the nine Safe, Clean Water (SCW) Program Watershed Areas. The Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASC) recommend the following Stormwater Investment Plans:

Upon approval of the SIP by each respective WASC, the SIP transmittals are then considered by the Regional Oversight Committee at the following meetings:

MAY 20, 2020

Approval of SIPs for North Santa Monica Bay, Santa Clara River and Lower San Gabriel River

JUNE 18, 2020

Approval of SIPs for Rio Hondo, South Santa Monica Bay, Upper Los Angeles River, Upper San Gabriel River, Central Santa Monica Bay, and Lower Los Angeles River

JUNE 24, 2020

Continue review of SIPs from prior meeting as needed

Safe, Clean Water Program Portal

To track progress, quantify benefits, account for expenditures and ensure transparency, the Safe, Clean Water Program Portal, which consists of Map, Dashboard, and Reporting Module, has been developed.  Features include but not limited to:

  • Overview of funded projects/studies and project applications currently under consideration
  • Summary of multiple benefits
  • Map with search box
  • Project filters and layers (jurisdiction, program, funding year, status, cost, etc.)

Map and Dashboard are now available HERE, and the Reporting Module is coming soon.

Note: Internet Explorer not supported. Please visit the SCW Portal through a supported browser for the best user experience (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari).