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Call for Projects for the FY25-26 Stormwater Investment Plan

The current call for Project Concepts to the Technical Resources Program and Study proposals to the Scientific Studies Program closes July 31, 2024.

In alignment with the recent report by the Regional Oversight Committee, the Board’s subsequent motion on Progress and Adaptive Management of the Safe, Clean Water Program, and the resulting ordinance revision,  the collection of Infrastructure Program Projects will resume for the 2025 Regional Program Call for Projects.  In the meantime, the SCW Program is advancing critical efforts informed by all recent reports, recommendations, and discussions within the Regional Oversight Committee, which also allows prospective applicants the opportunity to refine and enhance their project proposals, leverage additional funding, and engage more deeply with the community.  Public Works looks forward to continued collaboration during this new season of accelerating adaptive management and facilitating the most strategic investments moving forward.

Continuing Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Program Projects that were approved for funding in a previous Stormwater Investment Plan (SIP) remain eligible for future funding, subject to approval in the pending SIP. Any proposed modifications to a continuing Project shall be disclosed in a Project Modification Request (PMR) form and evaluated in accordance with the Project Modification Guidelines.

Project Concepts

The technical assistance teams, when approved within a Stormwater Investment Plan as part of the Technical Resources Program, will continue to complete feasibility studies in partnership with and on behalf of municipalities, CBOs, NGOs, and others who don’t have the technical resources or capabilities to develop feasibility studies.

Please note, a flat rate of up to $400,000 would be allocated for the development of each Feasibility Study funded through the Technical Resources Program in an approved Stormwater Investment Plan.  This flat rate has been adjusted to address inflation/escalation and provides additional capacity to conduct more detailed engineering analysis and additional engagement with interested parties.  To support benefits claimed based on current Scoring Committee practices, engineering analysis may include, but is not limited to, site-specific geotechnical analysis, analysis of supply and demand impacts of the project, sewer capacity studies, and other analysis needed to support benefits claimed, as appropriate.

If you are interested in working with a technical assistance team to turn your project concept into a feasibility study, submit your project concept here and reach out to your watershed coordinator for support. 

Scientific Studies

The SCW Program provides funding for scientific studies that will bolster the effectiveness of the projects we design and implement and encourage innovation and adoption of new technologies and practices.

Public Works is evaluating strategies to fund scientific studies that have Countywide significance. In the interim, scientific study proponents that are interested in partnering with the District to implement Regional Studies that have Countywide significance are encouraged to begin engaging with the District as early as possible.  Regional Study partnership opportunities will be considered on a case-by-case basis and evaluated based on alignment with SCWP Goals, funding needs, and the District Program available budget.  

Application Process Timeline

All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed for completeness by SCW Program staff. Complete applications will be evaluated to present their concepts or studies to the committees. Applications are not prioritized based on the order they are received.

Application References & Resources

Click HERE to learn more about the application process and access important references & resources. If you need assistance, Watershed Coordinators are available to support and educate applicants on every step of the process, from application to implementation. Do you know your watershed coordinator? If not, we have a tool to help you find out.

Once you’re ready, your application can be submitted through the Safe, Clean Water Portal below!