The District will provide Technical Assistance Teams comprised of subject matter experts in Stormwater and/or Urban Runoff infrastructure design, hydrology, soils, Nature-Based Solutions, green infrastructure, Stormwater and/or Urban Runoff quality, water supply, recreation, open space, community needs, and other areas. The Watershed Area Steering Committees will decide which Project concepts will be forwarded to the Technical Assistance Teams for development. The Technical Assistance Teams will complete Feasibility Studies in partnership with and on behalf of Municipalities, CBOs, NGOs, and others who may not have the technical resources or capabilities to develop Feasibility Studies.

The Technical Resources Program funds the development of Project Feasibility Studies. Technical Assistance Teams will work with the necessary parties to add Projects for which there are completed Feasibility Studies to an eligible water quality plan, assist in acquiring a letter of support for non-Municipal Infrastructure Program Project Applicants, and address other prerequisites to apply to the Infrastructure Program. Upon completion, Feasibility Studies shall be submitted to the Watershed Area Steering Committees for consideration.

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