05.29.2019 | 2 min read

Thank you to everyone who participated in reviewing and commenting on the draft documents. The compilation of public review comments is available below.


The Safe, Clean Water Program will provide local, dedicated funding to increase local water supply, improve water quality, enhance communities, and protect public health in Los Angeles County. The Program will generate up to $300 million per year from a special parcel tax of 2.5 cents per square foot of impermeable surface area on private property within the LA County Flood Control District.

An Implementation Ordinance will be presented to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in July 2019 along with supporting documents to codify many of the details described in the Program Elements. Current drafts of these documents can be viewed at the links below.


Draft Documents for Review (click to download)

Draft Credit Program Web Application (click to open)

Draft Project Scoring Module (click to open web application – requires Google Chrome)

The Public Review Period for these items will close at midnight on June 21, 2019. Please provide comments* and questions to SafeCleanWaterLA@pw.lacounty.gov

*In your response, please clearly indicate which document(s) and section(s) your comments pertain to.

Four Public Review Open Houses are scheduled between June 10, 2019 and June 12, 2019. Each open house will provide an overview of these documents and an opportunity to dialogue about any or all topics of interest, in addition to submitting comments. Click here to for more information and to register for the events.